ABSU Best Graduating Student Christiana Ufomba Bags A First Class From Nigerian Law School

Africa is indeed blessed with brilliant minds who continue to defy odds and obstacles to achieve success and attain excellent heights in their chosen profession or course of Study. This is especially true for Miss Christiana Onyinyechi Ufomba, a Blazing First class graduate at both Abia State University and The Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus.

Christiana Onyinyechi Ufomba was named the Best Graduating Student of the Faculty of Law, Abia State University in 2021 with a First Class after graduating with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.58/5.0. She continued her outstanding academic streak at the Nigerian Law School, where she also graduated with First Class Honours .

Our team at Edureaders.com were opportune to have an interview session with her, in order to get into her brilliant mind. Here are some of the highlights of the interview;

Interviewer: Good afternoon, we are really glad you could make out time for this session. Without further ado, can we meet you

Christiana Ufomba: Thank you so much. My name is Christiana Onyinyechi Ufomba, I am a First Class Law graduate from Abia State University, Uturu. I recently rounded off my studies at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus where i also graduated with First Class and by the grace of God, I was recently called to the Nigerian Bar.

I am from Isiala-Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State. I am the fifth child of Chief & Deaconess Godwin Okechukwu Ufomba.

The areas of law that interests me are Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law and Human Right. I enjoy networking and researching. I am passionate about impacting lives positively.

Interviewer: Impressive! Can you tell us a little about your school days, what were your interest, religion affiliations and how were you able to graduate with such distinction despite the obvious bottlenecks in the Nigeria University systems these days?

Christiana Ufomba: This question is loaded so I will take it bit by bit. Firstly, I will start by saying that when I started off as an undergraduate, there was no set goal as to the grade I wanted to graduate with but I knew I wanted to do my best and put in the necessary work.

Succinctly put, at the university, I lived a very balanced life. I was the Course Representative of my class for about five years. I attended every social event organized by my faculty and I studied my books at the right time as well.

Truthfully, I only found out my CGPA was about 4.51 when I was selected for a scholarship test by the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria {BOSAN}in my 400 level. Upon discovering that, I intensified the hard work to maintain my CGPA.

With respect to my religious affiliations, I am a Christian. I love God a lot and I acknowledge him as the fountain of my existence. When I was in the university, I was intentional about my relationship with God. I did not take part in campus fellowships, but I had a church I worshipped with which helped me greatly.

To sum it up, i was able to graduate with a first class by God’s grace. I did put in the work, I faced challenges, I almost gave up at some point especially when my grade in a 4 unit course was recorded incorrectly but I kept pushing and eventually I succeeded.


Interviewer: That was really inspiring. In your honest opinion and as one who has gone through the system successfully, what do you think can be done to have more first class graduates or at the very least brilliant graduates well equipped for the labour market?

Christiana Ufomba: Personally, I think the lecturers should be intentional about seeing that every child succeeds and this entails putting in the required work in teaching the students, giving of assignments to evaluate the level of understanding of each student, and going as far as encouraging students to put in the required work. I believe the joy of every teacher is seeing their students succeed. Thus,  when the teachers are intentional about their job, it will go a long way.

Students should also be intentional. They must be willing to put in their best to get the very best regardless of the challenges they face.

Interviewer: Who are your inspirations in the legal profession?

Christiana Ufomba: {smiles} Dr. Reginald Aziza inspires me a lot because of the feats he has attained in legal profession such as being a triple First Class holder and running a scholarship scheme at a very young age.

Ebizi Eradiri Njoku Esq. who happens to be my mentor, also inspires me. She is a double first class holder and an Attorney at a Multi-National Oil Company.

Some other great minds in the legal profession that inspires me are Desmond Ogba Esq, Stanley U. Nweke Eze Esq, Doyinsola Love Kazeem Esq, Lawal Ijaodola Esq, Bukola Alada Esq, Destiny Ogedegbe Esq, Olga Okewulonu Esq, Yusuf Asamu Olalere Esq amongst others.

Interviewer: How were you able to replicate a First Class at the Nigerian Law School, having attained same feat at the University?


Christiana Ufomba: Hmm! To be honest, it was not easy. It was really hard!

Just like every other first class graduate from the university, the goal was to graduate with a first class from the Nigerian Law School. So, I made up my mind to put in the required work.

I intensified the level at which I studied. It was double the time I studied at the university. I read almost every day in Law school. I practiced my drafts, I solved past questions on weekends, as well as memorized relevant authorities. On days I felt took weak to study, I listened to my recorded notes on my phone as well as flipped through past questions.

I was so intentional in Law school. I attended every class and paid undivided attention to all that was said in class. There was so much I did, but in all God’s grace was evident in my Law school journey.

Interviewer: Before concluding this session, what Firms would you like to work in or any you greatly appreciate?

Christiana Ufomba: I look forward to working top tier Law firms. The likes of Templars, G. Elias, Banwo & Ighodalo, Aluko & Oyebode, Olaniwun Ajayi LP, Allen & Overy, Linklaters, White & Case LLP, Baker Mckenzie, Clifford Chance, Latham & Watkins, etc.

Interviewer: What are your aspirations and Goals?

Christiana Ufomba: I am propelled to be the best at what I do. I want to work in organizations that will afford me the opportunity to develop my skills, handle interesting briefs and also learn from the best hands. I want to have gained experience in leading projects for major clients.

I also intend furthering my education in the nearest future in World class Universities like University of Oxford, Harvard Law School, University of Cambridge, Stanford Law School, New York University, etc.

I have great mentors and I see myself occupying the same position in the nearest future. I hope to impact lives positively.


Interviewer: This session has been really awesome Miss Christiana. I do hope a lot of students would be inspired by your story. Thank you so much for your time.

Please, how can our audience reach out to you just in case they have questions for you or would like to connect with you?

Christiana Ufomba: You are welcome. Thank you so much for this interview. It is always a pleasure sharing my academic experiences.

I can be reached via email; [email protected] or via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiana-ufomba-aicmc-39bbaa195


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