Accelerated Program For Nursing

Accelerated Program For Nursing

The Accelerated Program for Nursing is for nurses who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and are currently licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN). This program is designed to prepare you for the transition into becoming a registered nurse by providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful as an RN. The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), meeting all criteria for comprehensive baccalaureate degree programs.

For whom are the Accelerated Programs for Nursing designed?

The Accelerated Program for Nursing is designed for nurses who have a bachelor’s degree and seek additional education. As such, each program has an entry requirement of at least two years of nursing experience. The programs also accept candidates with degrees in other disciplines, including biology or chemistry, as long as they provide evidence of their ability to study nursing. This could come in the form of college transcripts or certificates.

  • Nurses with a bachelors degree in nursing can apply directly to the accelerated nursing program at their institution if they want to continue studying and pursuing higher education without having to leave the workforce first.
  • Those who already have some experience working in a clinical setting may qualify for direct entry into an accelerated program if they are able to demonstrate mastery over subject material that would typically be included during the first year of undergraduate studies (e.g., anatomy/physiology).

I do not have a bachelors degree in another discipline but I have a bachelors degree. Can I still apply?

If you do not have a bachelors degree in another discipline, then the answer is no. You will need to obtain a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university before you can be accepted into the Accelerated Program For Nursing (APFN). If you have already obtained a bachelor’s degree in another field and would like to pursue nursing as a second degree, we still encourage you to apply to APFN. This program is designed for individuals who already hold an undergraduate degree but want to change careers.

Who is not eligible to apply?

To apply to the Accelerated BSN Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent GED certificate (if you do not have your high school diploma or equivalent GED certificate and are currently enrolled in a program to receive one, you can still apply)
  • Have completed at least 56 semester hours of college coursework from an accredited college by the time you begin classes in August 2020 (this includes all courses taken at any previous institution)
  • Have received grades that meet our minimum GPA requirement

May I apply if my bachelor’s degree is from an international institution?

You must have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution. Your degree must be in a discipline other than nursing, and it must include coursework that is comparable to that required for the BSN.

International applicants are accepted as part of our Accelerated Program for Nursing (APN). As with all international applicants, you must meet basic eligibility requirements, which can be found on our admissions page. In addition to meeting these requirements, you will need to submit evidence of English proficiency prior to admission into the program.

Am I eligible if I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing (BSN) or higher already?

If you already have a BSN or higher, the Accelerated Program for Nursing is not right for you. Instead, we recommend that you apply to our traditional program.

The accelerated program is intended for students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and wish to change their focus without having to go back and earn another bachelor’s degree. If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Is it possible to become licensed as a Registered Nurse with just one year of coursework?

Is it possible to become licensed as a Registered Nurse with just one year of coursework?

Yes, it is indeed possible to become a registered nurse with only one year of coursework. As long as you have your degree and can pass the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) exam, everything is good to go! It takes two years in Texas for people without an associate’s degree so there are many advantages to choosing Accelerated Program For Nursing.

Students who choose this program are able to take the NCLEX-RN exam after completing their degree. This means that if they pass the exam, they will be eligible for licensure as soon as they graduate from our program too! There is no other way around it: APFN graduates have more job opportunities than those who take longer than two years because of their lack of licensure before graduation date (to get into clinical rotations).

What is the current tuition and fees cost of the program?

Tuition and Fees:

The total cost of tuition and fees for this program, if it is not covered by financial aid or other forms of payment and does not include living expenses, is $***.

How long will it take me to complete the accelerated nursing program at the University of Texas Arlington?

The accelerated nursing program is designed to be completed in one year. This means that students usually take summer classes, which are offered during the first week of June and last week of August. Students who wish to enroll in these sessions can apply for the UT Arlington Summer Session. If you’re not able to attend summer classes, you can still complete your degree on time by taking online courses and other class options throughout the year. The curriculum also allows for flexible scheduling as well as course substitutions if needed by a student or due to extenuating circumstances such as medical issues or military obligations.

There are various ways you can receive your BSN quickly at UTA

There are various ways you can receive your BSN quickly at UTA. If you already have a nursing certificate from another university, we can transfer up to 45 credits. This is especially useful for those who have already earned their associate’s degree and are working on their bachelor’s degree online.

There is also an accelerated program for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in another field but want to become certified as a nurse practitioner or registered nurse by earning their certification faster than other students. A few of these programs include the following: Accelerated BSN Completion Program-RN/BSN; Accelerated Nursing Practice Program (ANPP); RN-BSN Bridge Program; RN-MSN Bridge Program; and Acceleration Options Through Non Credit Courses Taken Off Campus (AOTOC).

The Accelerated BSN Completion Program – RN/BSN program offers one year of accelerated coursework as well as two semesters of clinical experience in order to help students finish their bachelors degrees faster than usual while still providing them with the same quality education they would receive if they were taking regular classes over four years instead three years which results in less student debt upon graduation because there will be no summer sessions required due to their accelerated nature so long story short it costs less money upfront but not necessarily in total cost over time due to fewer hours needed overall which means less time taken away from work experiences that could translate into better job opportunities down p

In conclusion, you should not worry about the length of your program. UTA has a variety of options for you to get your degree quickly and efficiently. You just have to decide which one is best suited for you!

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