Birthday celebrate in COVID-19


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If you have a dilemma to how to celebrate a birthday in COVID-19? So you are in right place. I give you some idea that you really help you  celebrate your birthday in COVID-19? read the full article and know about the fact to the birthday celebrate in COVID-19.

So let’s start to read how to celebrate the birthday in COVID-19. In this article, you will read about a different method to celebrate a birthday celebrate in COVID-19 or coronavirus. This article tells about how to be happy our friends and family member and how to different way to wish him that make the birthday memorable.



Due to coronavirus, lockdown, social distancing, quarantine. Many people, miss their friends, neighbours family member, near and dear so on….. Birthday is like seasons. When our birthday will come to near we all planing to going outside the celebrate the party, eat delicious food going to movies watching movies with friends do more fun etc… So due to the COVID-19  many people who with friends and family members all over the world have to cancel their birthday plans.

So I give you some idea to  celebrate your birthday in COVID-19? How do we celebrate after lockdown? Many of the people face in Delima to celebrate a birthday in COVID-19 or coronavirus so we give you some idea that helps you to celebrate the birthday during the COVID-19.

Birthday Idea to celebrate during COVID-19

Do a group workout with friends and family members.


group workout
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Start your day with morning prayer. due to coronavirus pandemic, we all follow the social distancing but tody is our birthday so we all want to energetic and fit and active so start a workout with our family members and know about the importance of workout and we want to moments this day than we do group calling friends with google meet, WhatsApp, Facebook etc… and do workout. starting for the workout we can discuss what is the importance of workout? why people should do the workout. afterwards, the discussion you can do the workout. Many instructors conducting the live workout that you help to do exercise and also download the many application that av on google play store apple app store etc….. that guided you to do exercises right way and help to do better.



Send card to start the birthday celebrate.

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How to celebrate your birthday in COVID-19? If you or your friends, relative and family member have a BIRTHDAY and you want his or her birthday make special for him. Then you will send the birthday card with best wishes. Everyone has a birthday who loves funny, thoughtful or an inspirational message on their birthday. many people send the birthday card to make feel special for him or her. you can send a birthday card in many ways. you can send through.

 Send card through the WhatsApp

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Today the social messaging platform WhatsApp is very common for everyone most of the people running WhatsApp in their smartphone. If anyone has a birthday who loves to WhatsApp message wish. many of friends family member and our neighbour set WhatsApp status like his or her friends funny moments, picture video for their own WhatsApp to feel him or her friends special.

Send card through the FACEBOOK

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Facebook is one of the most social networking sites. It is used over the world. it was created in 2004 by Marks Zuckerberg for the purpose to connect and share his massages moments’ pictures to with family and friends. Today it is very easy for everyone to connect and share with family members. If your friend having a birthday then you can send them to birthday card through Facebook. it provides us to take facebook stories or status. you can create a status for him or her and feel him or her special.

Send card through INSTAGRAM

Now a day Instagram is the most popular photo and video-sharing social media site. this networking service owned by Facebook. you can feel them more special birthday you can share moments with them. you can share a photo or video to Instagram and wish them to feel special.

You can send various ways to the birthday card.  like email, text message, or many of website, that you send through the birthday card is available on the internet.

Birthdat celebrate to Make a “Happy Birthday” video montage.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic. We all are in stay home and avoid the outing. So we wish the birthday to Create a kind ‘happy birthday’ videos. It makes great gifts for them and it is a fun way to recap all the birthday festivities. Make a wide smile on the faces of them. You can create video montage in the following kind. I give some idea to help you to create this type.

You can make the birthday Ecard. It is a good idea to send a card. It is a video card you can make a short has also includes your message moment that you want to share with him. Make funny video etc..

you can make the video interview. it is the best for whom birthday gift you can record your video for family members or friends who give the opinion or thought about the person celebrating a birthday share the memories with him. you can also mixed interview that you make it whit photos and music and make the unique gift for the person celebrating a birthday.

Write them a song, poem, Shayari and quotes

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In our friendliest and family members have many of person. who have specialities in the following category. For the example, someone writes a good poet, good writer, good quotes Shayari etc…

So we easily write a story about him or poem that  make feel him or her to happy. If you write a poem to them they are happy. It is the best way of wishing to him similarly you can also write a song that he or she likes most of them.

Host a virtual birthday party on Skype, Google meet, Jio meets etc…

Due to pandemic  COVID-19. No one wants to gather to celebrate a birthday party.  In other hands, they also don’t want to cancel the birthday party. Especially if your kids and love one has a birthday. So what we do can? if you are also bothering this problem you are in right place. I give you some idea that you help you to how to celebrate birthday party virtually.

we already prepare with friends and family members to organise the birthday party. Firstly we start a meeting on skype, Google meet, Jio meets etc….  and we share lovely moments with them. It an interesting idea to fell their birthday is precious for everyone.

Send a dessert.

A person who loves birthday. who also love dessert. Today the internet makes it easy for everyone. You can easily send your friends and family members to desert within one click. Today the internet is best to search engine or place to selling treats. You can send them a desert to and feel him to great person for you. I give you some example that you help you to send desert-like Schmackary’s
Wicked Good Cupcakes, Good Karmal, Stuffed Cookies, Batter and Cream, The Crispy, Hope’s Cookies etc …………………

Hold an online dance party

We all know very well to how to celebrate the birthday on a normal day? The normal day we enjoy so much. Firstly We gather for going to the outing, eating food on restaurants. that the evening gathers for the time of cake cutting. Afterwards, we all dancing together and enjoy a lot. But this time of pandemic we miss all thing. So what we do now?  if you also worry about this. I have an idea. We can hold virtually online dance party. It makes us happy. we can start virtually dance party through many video conferencing services. For Example- Google Hangouts, google meet, Jio meets and many more that can you organise a dance party. Dancing is super therapeutic. It’s great exercise and just makes you smile.

Surprise Them With a Subscription.

This is the most important do for anyone to be happy. You can buy for his subscription. For Example-Netflix, Hotstar, amazon prime, savan, Dream 11 etc. If you give his subscription. He is happier. Today the digital era. Most of the people have to suffer on the internet. Who searching is his own interest. Therefore we give them a subscription of following For the example-  Netflix, Hotstar, amazon prime to take a subscription to saw in his interest. we can give him a subscription for a year. Make his face to smile.

Host a Film Screening

After the almost celebrate the birthday we can want more fun and enjoy. after that is an option to do and make your birthday memorable. We can easily host fa film Screening with a group to enjoy a lot in the night. Make a birthday moment is memorable.

Play virtual party games

This is an also birthday celebration idea during COVID-19. Today the digital era and COVID-19 age. In this period many of game introduce every day. we can come online and entertain ourselves. The online virtual game. For the example house party, free-fire, ludo, quizbreaker, the Dreamteam etc……………………..



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