Bsc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus

Bsc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus

This is a syllabus of all the papers that the students will be taking in their fourth year. The syllabus includes the name of each course and its duration. Also, it gives a brief description about every paper.

Nursing Research

The nursing research process is a systematic investigation that uses scientific methods to develop knowledge and understanding about nursing and health care delivery. Nursing research involves the generation of new knowledge, or validation of existing knowledge, through the design, conduct, analysis, synthesis and interpretation of data gathered from primary and secondary sources. Nurses use this information to meet the needs of individual patients within their specific contexts (e.g., clinical setting).

Nursing research refers to the collection of data from people who are ill with a particular disease or condition for the purpose of improving their health outcomes. The ultimate goal is to improve healthcare services by developing new treatments that have been proven effective based on empirical evidence

Clinical Specialties of Nursing

  • Cardiology nursing
  • Geriatrics nursing
  • Oncology nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Surgical nursing, including laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgical techniques. Nursing specialties include critical care, trauma and burn, operating room and recovery room, intensive care unit (ICU), emergency department (ED), outpatient surgery center and other inpatient settings such as long-term care or rehabilitation centers. The goal of these environments is to provide quality care based on the best evidence available for each patient’s condition or illness.

Nursing Administration and Management

You will learn the following topics in this section:

  • Nursing Administration and Management
  • Nursing Management
  • Nursing Administration

Community Health Nursing II


Community Health Nursing is a discipline that focuses on the holistic well-being of individuals, families and communities. It involves the promotion, prevention and treatment of illness or injury in a person’s physical, mental, social/cultural and spiritual domains. The practice may be performed by a community health nurse in a variety of settings including schools, workplaces or homes. Community health nurses should have specialized knowledge regarding specific groups within the population such as children or elderly people. Community Health Nursing II focuses on the study of community nursing theories which include holistic approach to care, community development and aging process among others.

There are 4 papers nothing else.

There are 4 papers nothing else, no multiple choice questions.

The Nursing BSc Nursing course is a practical one, which is why it is important to study well. It will give you an opportunity to learn about the basic concepts of nursing and the importance of care for patients. The course also includes a lot of other subjects like community health nursing II and clinical specialties of nursing among others.

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