Duties Of A Nursing Assistant

Duties Of A Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants help patients with daily tasks and assist doctors and nurses. They are also responsible for performing administrative duties such as answering phones, organizing files and filing medical records. The duties of a nursing assistant can vary from one facility to another, but the core responsibilities remain constant regardless of the setting or state laws governing their performance.

Helping Patients With Daily Tasks

As a nursing assistant, you will have many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to help the patient with daily tasks. A daily task can include: bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, ambulation (the act of moving around or walking), grooming (the act of keeping yourself clean and well-groomed), sleep (the time when someone sleeps), pain management (the treatment for pain) and medication management (the process by which one takes medicine). In addition to helping patients with daily tasks, you may also need to communicate with family members about their loved ones’ needs or concerns so that they may be addressed by the appropriate medical staff.

Assisting Nurses And Doctors

In addition to assisting patients with their personal care needs, a nursing assistant’s duties may include:

  • Assisting nurses and doctors in caring for patients.
  • Providing education to patients about their medical conditions.
  • Ensuring patient safety.
  • Providing comfort to patients in distress or pain (for example, by providing ice packs).
  • Assisting with mobility issues such as getting out of bed or transferring from one place to another (for example, from wheelchair onto toilet).

Performing Administrative Duties

As a nursing assistant, you may be asked to perform administrative duties. This can include:

  • Recording the patient’s medical history.
  • Reviewing patient charts for accuracy.
  • Updating patient charts with new information from doctors and nurses.
  • Preparing patient files for review by doctors or insurance companies (if applicable).

A nursing assistant’s core duties include assisting patients, performing administrative duties and working alongside nurses and doctors.

A nursing assistant’s core duties include assisting patients, performing administrative duties and working alongside nurses and doctors. As a nursing assistant, you’ll be tasked with helping patients get in and out of bed, assisting them with daily activities such as eating and bathing, as well as monitoring their vital signs. When not providing direct care to patients (or working alongside nurses), you may find yourself completing other tasks such as washing linens or cleaning up the unit.

While many nursing assistants work on a full-time basis in hospitals or long term care facilities, some choose to work on an ad hoc basis—either part-time or through flexible schedules—for independent care homes that offer assistance for seniors who need occasional assistance but do not require round-the-clock medical attention.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and nursing assistants must adapt to the changes while maintaining their essential duties. As technology advances, more of the daily tasks may be automated, reducing the need for human assistance in certain areas. However, some things are unlikely ever change: patients will always need assistance with daily tasks like bathing or dressing; nurses and doctors will always need help providing medical care; and administrators need assistance completing administrative tasks like filing paperwork or scheduling appointments.

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