Example Of Nursing Case Study

Example Of Nursing Case Study

Nursing Case Study is a type of nursing process that is created to solve a health problem. This is usually done by the registered nurse, who has been trained in nursing care through education and experience. The goal of this type of case study is helping people deal with their health issues at different stages of their lives.

Background of the Case Study

A case study is a research method that involves the detailed examination of a person or group of people. It can be used to investigate situations that are relatively brief, for example, an illness; or those that are more long-term and complex, such as learning disabilities. A case study may also explore causes, effects and treatments for a health issue.

Case study analysis is the systematic examination of a particular situation through qualitative methods. This can be achieved through observation or interviews with stakeholders involved in the situation under investigation with the aim of identifying key factors affecting it..

Nursing Analyses

The nursing process is a systematic approach to gathering and analyzing information on the patient’s health status, needs and concerns. The nurse uses this information to plan nursing interventions that meet the patient’s needs.

The following are some steps in analyzing a case:

  • Review the case study.
  • Review the patient’s history, physical examination findings, laboratory data, radiological data and diagnosis for evidence of what might be wrong with this person and how it affects his or her life. Note any changes from one period of time to another (e.g., a change in heart rate after eating/drinking certain foods). Make note as well of any positive or negative experiences shared by either yourself or others when caring for your client/patient(s).
  • Explain how each piece of information relates together so as to provide an accurate picture of what might be going on with him/her now–which hopefully would give us some clues as far as how best care can be provided during our shift tonight!

Nursing Interventions

Nursing Interventions

Nursing Interventions are the actions that nurses take to achieve the goals of nursing. Nursing interventions are based on nursing diagnoses, which are related to patient problems and their expected outcomes.

Know the background of the case study, what is the case study analysis and nursing intervention.

The background of this case study is that the patient is a 55-year-old female who has been suffering from chronic back pain for about 10 years. The patient was diagnosed with osteoporosis and has been taking medication for it since last 3 months. The nurse’s name is Mary and she works as a clinical nurse in cardiology department at Mission Hospital.

The nurse analyzed the situation by asking some questions related to her symptoms, history and medications (including surgeries).

As per her findings, the patient was suffering from severe pain in lower back region along with numbness in both legs which was affecting her walking ability too. She also noted down some important facts like when did this all start? How long have they been going on like this? Is there anything else bothering you? Are there any other symptoms that you are experiencing now? When were you diagnosed with osteoporosis? How long have you been using calcium supplements in order to treat this condition? Does something else make your pain worse or better (i e heat/cold)? When did it first start hurting so much?

The case study ‘Cases of Tonsillitis’ is used as an example for students to understand the background, analysis and nursing interventions of a particular patient with tonsillitis. This will help them to apply their knowledge in real-life situations when they are practicing as nurses or doctors.

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