Examples Of Nursing Philosophy

Examples Of Nursing Philosophy

Nursing philosophy is a core component of nursing practice and a foundational aspect of nursing education. This section will outline three different examples of nursing philosophies, which will help you understand the importance of this concept.

Example 1

Example 1: “The nursing process is a systematic approach to the patient’s problems. Nursing diagnoses are based on the assessment of the client’s needs and the relationship between those needs and available resources.”

Example 2: “The nurse assists in promoting health, preventing illness and injury, providing care for sick or disabled individuals or their families at home or in hospitals, clinics and other health facilities.”

Example 3: “The nurse provides care to clients by collaborating with other healthcare professionals in providing total nursing services.”

Example 2

Nursing philosophy example 2:

Nursing philosophy is the guiding principles that nurses use to determine how they will practice nursing. Nursing philosophies are based on what nurses feel is most important in patient care, but they can also include beliefs about the nature of health, illness and treatment.

For example, a nurse who values patient autonomy may decide to provide only minimal care for patients who wish to make their own decisions about treatment or refuse life-sustaining treatments. This nurse would be following his personal nursing philosophy by limiting his interaction with these patients so he doesn’t take away their right to make choices about their care.

Example 3

Nursing philosophy is the foundation for nursing practice. It is a set of beliefs that guides the actions and decisions of nurses. Nurses use their knowledge, skills, and values to help patients achieve wellness and recovery.

To become an effective nurse, you must understand your own beliefs concerning ethical behavior as well as how these beliefs affect your interactions with others in the healthcare setting.

These are example of nursing philosophies.

  • A patient-nurse relationship is the most important aspect of nursing.
  • The patient’s rights are protected and honored by the nurse.
  • The nurse has a role in the healthcare team.
  • The nurse has a role in community service, such as educating others about health issues and offering services to those who need them.
  • The workplace should be safe for employees, including nurses, so that they can stay focused on their work without having to worry about their physical safety or feeling threatened by other employees or patients/customers.

These are just some examples of nursing philosophy statements. We hope that they will help you write your own.

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