Highest Paying Nursing States

Highest Paying Nursing States

Whether you’re a student, new graduate or experienced nurse, it’s important to consider what state offers the best pay. Nursing is one of the highest-paying professions in America and can be an attractive career if you’re looking for high wages. The following are five states with the highest hourly mean wage for registered nurses:

1) Massachusetts

  • Hourly mean wage: $38.51
  • Annual mean wage: $80,150
  • Percentage increase in hourly wage from 2017 to 2018: 1.2%
  • Percentage increase in annual wage from 2017 to 2018: 4.7%

Hourly mean wage: $38.51

In Massachusetts, the average hourly wage for nurses is $38.51, which equates to an annual salary of $79,689. This figure compares favorably to the national average and other states across the nation; according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from May 2017, the median wage for registered nurses across all industries was $32 per hour.

In Massachusetts, there are three main types of nursing professions: Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs). There are four major areas of focus for RNs: case management/care coordination; direct patient care; education and research; supervision/management/administration.

Annual mean wage: $80,150

  • Average annual wage/salary: $80,150
  • Average annual income: $81,010
  • Average annual pay (wages plus benefits): $81,200

Nurses are among the highest-paid professions in the country. The average nurse earns an incredible salary of about $80K per year. That’s much more than most Americans earn on average.

2) Hawaii

Hawaiians are paid the highest hourly mean wage, with an average of $35.70 per hour. They also have the highest annual mean wage for nurses and registered nurses at $67,240 and $66,960 respectively. In general, Hawaii’s hourly mean wage is second in the nation only to Washington state. While its annual mean wages are not as high as those of Washington or California (the two states with both higher hourly wages and higher annual wages), they still rank among the top five states in each category.

Hourly mean wage: $38.48

The average hourly mean wage for the top 10 highest paying nursing states is $38.48, which is more than the national average of $32.95. If you’re looking to expand your nursing career and make a good living, these states offer some of the best salaries in America:

  • 1. Connecticut: $39.12
  • 2. California: $37.82
  • 3. New York: $37.62
  • 4 (tie). Massachusetts: 37.53

4 (tie). Texas: 37.53

This list was compiled using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics program from May 2017 to May 2018.*

Annual mean wage: $80,080

The annual mean wage for a nurse in Hawaii is $80,080. That’s on par with the national average of $80,080 per year.

3) Oregon

Oregon is the third highest paying state for nurses in the U.S., with an hourly mean wage of $48 and annual mean wage of $67,340. It also has a high annual salary: $74,190. The average hourly wage of Oregon’s nursing professionals is also quite high at $33.

Hourly mean wage: $34.55

The hourly mean wage for nurses in Oregon is $34.55 per hour, with a mean annual wage of $69,750. The hourly mean wage for nurses in the United States is $32.89 per hour, with a mean annual wage of $67,530.

Annual mean wage: $71,790

  • Annual mean wage: $71,790
  • Annual mean wage for a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is: $51,470
  • Monthly median pay for an RN: $5,460
  • Weekly median pay for an RN: $1,450
  • Daily median pay for an RN: $326

4) Alaska

When looking at the average hourly and annual wages of a nurse in Alaska, you’ll see that they are both higher than the national average. The state also has a very high concentration of hospitals per capita, which can be good for job seekers.

Alaska is also home to many remote locations where people may need medical care but do not have easy access to it otherwise. Nurses who want to work in these places may consider traveling across the state or even moving there permanently if they love the area and its culture so much that it’s worth making this kind of sacrifice for their career growth.

Hourly mean wage: $34.29

  • The hourly mean wage is the average amount received by workers in a particular state. It is calculated by dividing total annual wages by total number of employees.
  • The annual mean wage is the average income of all workers in a region for a given year.

Annual mean wage: $71,230

The states with the highest-paying nursing jobs are Alaska, California, Hawaii and Oregon. In Alaska, for example, the average annual wage for a nurse is $71,230. The hourly mean wage in this state is $32.95. Other states where nurses make higher salaries include:

  • California ($70,790)
  • Hawai’i ($70,600)
  • Oregon ($69,300).

5) California

California is the fifth highest-paying state for nurses, with a mean annual wage of $68,560 and a mean hourly wage of $32.95. California’s nursing employment growth from 2016 to 2026 is expected to be 17 percent—the third highest in the country behind Florida and Texas.

The San Francisco Bay Area has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of nurses, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can also find high paying jobs in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Hourly mean wage: $32.95

The mean hourly wage is the average of all hourly wages in the state. The median hourly wage is the middle value of all wages reported by nurses.

The mean hourly wage for nurses in California was $32.95 an hour in May 2017, the highest among its neighboring states and nationwide. The median hourly wage was $31 an hour, which means that half of California’s nurses make less than this amount and half make more than this amount.

Annual mean wage: $68,560

The mean wage for a registered nurse in Utah is $68,560. The annual mean wage for this job is equivalent to $34.62 per hour.

The median wage for a registered nurse in Utah is $63,350 and the average hourly wage is $30.58

Takeaway : Use this information to find the best state for your salary as a nurse!

The best states for nursing salaries are those that have high average wages, low cost of living and a low percentage of uninsured patients. You can use this information to find the best state for your salary as a nurse!

We hope that you were able to find this information helpful. If you want more information about the best places to be as a nurse, feel free to contact us, we’ll be glad to help!

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