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Nursing Assistants Week 2021

Nursing Assistants Week 2021

Nursing assistants are a vital part of the healthcare industry. Nursing assistants work with patients, helping them with their daily activities, such as eating and getting dressed. CNA’s also help patients with their medication and transport them around the facility. The role of a nursing assistant is an important one that requires compassion and skill in order to provide good patient care. That’s why we celebrate this week!

Celebrating CNA week

CNA week is an annual celebration of the hard work and dedication of nursing assistants. It’s an opportunity to recognize the importance of CNA’s in the healthcare industry, as well as an important reminder that you should make sure you’re working with a competent and caring CNAs at all times.

To celebrate CNA week, there are several ways to honor your favorite nurse assistant or simply make sure they know how much they mean to you:

  • Leave them a note acknowledging their hard work and dedication to safety in your home or workplace. You can also show your appreciation by sending them flowers or other gifts!
  • If you have children, teach them about what it means to be a CNA so they can appreciate their importance too! You might even consider making them costumes based on what kind of activities this individual likes doing most often (for example: if he/she loves golfing then maybe something like this would be appropriate). This way everyone else knows how special this person really is to all our lives because everyone needs someone who understands how difficult some tasks can get from time-to-time.”

What do CNA’s do?

CNA’s assist with personal care, which includes:

  • bathing
  • dressing
  • feeding
  • toileting (including incontinence management)
  • transferring and ambulation. Ambulation is defined as the ability to move about within a single room or between rooms and may involve the use of mobility equipment such as canes and walkers. Mobility involves locomotion from one place to another by walking or climbing stairs. Repositioning involves changing the position of the patient’s limbs after they have been positioned for an examination or treatment procedure.

The importance of the CNA in the nursing home setting

The CNA is the first line of care for the patient. The CNA is the main caregiver, who sees and helps patients on a daily basis. The CNA is responsible for providing basic nursing services that are necessary to maintain the physical and mental health of residents, including assisting them with their personal hygiene and grooming needs, helping them move about in bed or their room as needed, feeding them and monitoring their medical conditions.

The role of CNAs is integral within nursing homes because they provide much-needed assistance to patients who need it most. In fact, when asked what makes them proudest about their job as a CNA in a nursing home setting, here are some common responses:

“I enjoy being able to help others.”

“I like being able to show my compassion towards our residents.”

“It feels great knowing that I am making an impact on someone’s life every day.”

We can’t celebrate our nursing assistants enough!

We can’t celebrate our nursing assistants enough!

They are the backbone of our nursing home. Without them, we would not be able to provide the level of care that our residents deserve. Our nursing assistants are the ones who really get the job done by making sure patients are comfortable and happy with their daily routine at the facility. They spend countless hours making sure that every patient receives top notch care while they’re here in our home.

At Bayshore Health Care Center, we’ve been able to see how much our nursing assistants care about the patients in their care. It’s amazing how many things they do for them on a daily basis! Whether it be assisting with meals or helping someone use the restroom, there is always something going on around here that requires attention. We could not do what we do without these wonderful people who dedicate their lives to helping others