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Nursing Homes Mobile Alabama

Nursing Homes Mobile Alabama

Mobile, Alabama is home to several nursing homes. Here are some of the best ones:

Spring Hill Village

Spring Hill Village is a nursing home in Alabama with 147 beds. The facility has 2 staff members but no physicians listed on its profile page.

Spring Hill Village has an overall rating of 2 stars out of 5 from both Medicare and Medicaid senior health inspections. Of the past deficiencies noted on its Medicare website page, there were three areas where Spring Hill Village received a 1-star rating (the lowest rating).

In terms of residents’ rooms, Spring Hill Village has an average of 0.5 residents per room at any given time, which is slightly lower than the United States average of 0.6 per room. For every 100 beds at this nursing home, there are approximately 99 residents living there as well; this means that each patient receives almost all the attention they need while they’re staying there during their rehabilitation process or convalescence after surgery or illness. Residents also have access to many activities such as arts and crafts classes or music therapy sessions where they can relax in between their treatments with nurses and doctors who visit them regularly throughout their stay at this location

Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (MNRC) is located at 3800 Dauphine Street in Mobile, Alabama. MNRC has 232 beds and specializes in rehabilitation for individuals with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes, and other neurological disorders.

The average length of stay at MNRC is eight to twelve weeks. Nursing home patients at this location may receive physical therapy services such as range-of-motion exercises; occupational therapy services such as dressing assistance; speech therapy services such as swallowing techniques; dietary services such as diabetic meal planning; nursing care such as medication administration; and wound management. Additional services include hospice care or short-term respite care for elderly individuals who need help with daily living tasks while they recover from surgery or illness but do not require long-term skilled nursing care..

Bayou Hills Healthcare, LLC

Bayou Hills Healthcare, LLC is a private, for-profit nursing home facility located at:

  • 1362 Iberville Street
  • Mobile, AL 36602

They have 82 beds and 82 residents. They are also assisted living facility with a total of 82 employees.

The Haven at Summerville

The Haven at Summerville is a nursing home in Mobile, Alabama. The Haven at Summerville is a skilled nursing facility with 104 beds. The haven at summerville has received many awards including the Consistently Exemplary Quality Award and being named one of the Top 100 facilities nationwide by US News & World Report.

St. Joseph Nursing Home – Mobile, Alabama

St. Joseph Nursing Home

Address: 2205 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36604

Phone: (251) 478-6000

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Staffing: 15 registered nurses on duty at all times, 25 licensed practical nurses and attendants in total (not including housekeeping staff)

Haven Care Center of Mobile

Haven Care Center of Mobile

9808 Old Shell Road, Mobile, AL 36608

(251) 479-9640

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Every day we serve our residents with the same love, compassion and care that would come from their own family members. We have been rated as one of the best nursing homes in Alabama for residents who need short-term or long-term care.

Mary Mahoney Nursing Home

Mary Mahoney Nursing Home is a non-profit organization, located in Mobile, Alabama. The nursing home has been in business since 1976 and has been licensed by the Alabama Department of Health.

are some of the nursing homes in mobile.

There are a number of nursing homes in Mobile, Alabama. These nursing homes include:

  • Providence Hospital Medical Center – Providence Hospital Medical Center is a hospital and provides short-term and long-term care services. The facility offers both Medicare and Medicaid, as well as private insurance payments.
  • Mobile Infirmary Medical Center – This medical center provides services such as rehabilitation therapy, wound care services, pain management treatment options and more to individuals who require assistance with daily tasks at home or in their own environment.

The facility accepts private insurance payments for stays that exceed 30 days along with Medicare Advantage plans offered by Humana, Cigna Health & Life Insurance Company or Blue Cross Blue Shield Southeastern Pennsylvania PA 0155PPAOC08

To summarize the nursing homes in Mobile, Alabama:

Spring Hill Village is a private non-profit nursing facility which provides short-term and long-term skilled nursing care to patients with chronic conditions. They also have a memory care unit called Springhill Terrace that’s specifically designed for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. It was founded in 1975 by Dr. William Roper, who still serves as its President to this day.

The Haven at Summerville is another non-profit facility that offers both long-term and short-term care for patients with various health conditions including Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia such as vascular dementia or multiinfarct dementia (MID). In addition to providing medical treatment from experienced doctors, nurses and therapists; they also offer spiritual guidance from chaplains who speak different languages so everyone can find comfort no matter what religion they follow!

In addition there are two other privately owned but government supported facilities available too: Bayou Hills Healthcare Center – Mobile Alabama provides long term care services such as skilled nursing care management as well as rehabilitative therapies like occupational therapy physical therapy etcetera; while Mary Mahoney Nursing Home – Mobile Alabama offers hospice services which help terminally ill patients prepare for death peacefully without fear of pain or discomfort during their final days.”