Nursing Salary In Pennsylvania

Nursing Salary In Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is home to over 12 million people and a diverse set of communities. Nursing professionals have access to many different types of healthcare positions in the state, from small towns to major metropolises. There are also plenty of opportunities for nurses who want to change careers or enter the field for the first time. If you’re considering becoming a nurse in Pennsylvania, here’s what you should know about salary and other factors:

Nursing Licensure

All RNs in the state are required to obtain a license from the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing. The licensing requirements for this process include submitting an application, passing an exam, and providing proof of education and experience. The Pennsylvania Board of Nursing also has jurisdiction over LPNs (licensed practical nurses). If you are interested in becoming a nurse in PA, it is important that you familiarize yourself with these requirements as they vary depending on whether you plan to work as an RN or an LPN.

Licensing Requirements for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

If you are interested in becoming an LPN in Pennsylvania, there are three different types of licenses available: normal, temporary full-time and temporary part-time. To obtain any one of these licenses requires passing two separate examinations—the NCLEX-RN exam and the NCLEX-PN exam—which tests knowledge specific to each type of nursing practice (general versus pediatric). In addition to passing these exams, applicants must provide documentation proving their completion date from school; transcripts from any postsecondary education received; proof that they have obtained CPR certification; proof that they have obtained either BLS or ACLS certification; proof that they have completed HIV/AIDS training as required by law

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pennsylvania is high. This can be attributed to the high demand for housing and land, which drives up prices. Living costs in rural areas are much lower, but it’s not uncommon for job seekers to relocate to urban centers like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. The suburbs surrounding Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are some of the most expensive places in Pennsylvania, so if you’re looking for a place with affordable rent or home ownership options, consider moving farther out into the countryside.


As a nurse, you can expect to make a median annual salary of $59,000 in Pennsylvania. However, this number is just an average and doesn’t take into account the many factors that determine how much you earn as a registered nurse (RN).

For example:

  • The region where you work plays a key role when it comes to determining your earning potential. Some cities pay more than others—and this also has implications for expenses like housing and food.
  • Your education level can have an impact on your earnings as well. A Master’s degree or higher will often provide access to better-paying positions within the industry. Having advanced credentials also helps employers recognize how much time and effort went into getting them—which may lead to raises or bonuses throughout the course of your career.*

Employment Statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of registered nurses (RNs) is expected to grow by 19% between now and 2026, much faster than average for all occupations.* If you’re considering a career in nursing, you’ve made an excellent choice! Nursing is one of the fastest growing fields in America and it’s also one of the highest paying jobs available today.

For women looking for a satisfying career with good pay and benefits, nursing offers everything they could ever want–and more! The field is full of opportunities for advancement, provides flexible schedules so RNs can balance work with family life or other commitments and offers financial security through strong retirement packages provided by most employers (in addition to health insurance coverage).

Major Metropolitan Areas

If you’re looking for a nursing job in Pennsylvania, it’s important to know the major metropolitan areas. The largest cities in the state are:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Allentown, PA
  • Reading, PA
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Harrisburg and Altoona (tie)

With experience, the nursing salary in Pennsylvania can increase considerably.

As you gain experience, you can expect to receive a higher salary. Nurses with more education and certifications will also earn more than others. A nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) who is certified in critical care may make as much as $80,000 per year compared to an RN with only basic training who makes around $60,000.

This information will help you understand the nursing salary in Pennsylvania, as well as any potential career options. The state offers a wide range of opportunities for nurses to advance their careers and earn more money.

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