Nursing Schools In Belgium For International Students

Belgium has a rich history and culture, making it a great place to study nursing. Not only is the country well-known for its chocolate, beer, and fries, but Belgian nursing schools are also some of the best in the world. With top-quality programs and tuition rates that are much lower than those in other European countries, international students have plenty of reasons to consider studying nursing in Belgium.

What are the best nursing schools in Belgium for international students?

Belgium has a rich history in nursing, and there are many top-notch nursing schools available for international students. The best nursing schools in Belgium for international students will offer a well-rounded education, including instruction in the English language. These schools also typically have strong clinical programs, which give students the opportunity to learn firsthand how to provide quality care to patients.

Some of the best nursing schools in Belgium for international students include the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), and Académie Royale Militaire de Belgique (ARMB).

Admissions Requirements

Belgian nursing schools require in addition to a high school diploma or equivalent, that international students have either the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme or an equivalent qualification.

The IB Diploma Programme is an internationally recognised two-year program for students who want to pursue a career in higher education. The program offers a rigorous college-level education with world-class faculty in subjects such as mathematics, science, languages, literature and history.

Belgian nursing schools also require that applicants have adequate language skills. Applicants are required to submit test results from the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or Cambridge English: Proficiency Exam.

Nursing schools in Belgium offer competitive admissions with competitive tuition rates. International students who meet the admission requirements and demonstrate strong academic skills and motivation are likely to be admitted to Belgian nursing schools.

Types of Nursing Programs

There are a variety of nursing programs available in Belgium for international students. These programs can be found at both private and public universities.

The most common type of nursing program is the pre-licensure program. This program lasts for two years and is offered by both public and private universities. During this time, students will learn about the basics of nursing, including anatomy and physiology. They will also learn how to care for patients through clinical experience.

After completing a pre-licensure program, students can enter into a professional nurse degree program. These programs last for three years and are offered by both public and private universities. During this time, students will gain more advanced knowledge about nursing. They will also learn how to manage patients with complex health issues.

Finally, some students may wish to pursue a doctoral degree in nursing. This type of program is offered by only a few private universities in Belgium. During this time, students will studyadvanced topics in nursing such as psychiatric nursing and wound management.

What to Expect When You Attend a Belgian Nursing School

When you are considering a nursing school in Belgium, it is important to understand what to expect. Nursing schools in Belgium offer rigorous academic programs with strong emphasis on patient care and clinical practice. The curriculum also includes extensively researched areas such as health policy, epidemiology and public health, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and therapeutics, mental health and substance abuse, among others.

Nursing schools in Belgium also offer a rich diversity of clinical experiences that students can take part in during their studies. Because Belgian nursing schools have partnerships with local hospitals, students have the opportunity to work as interns or residents in various settings both inside and outside of the school. This hands-on experience helps students develop critical thinking skills and prepares them for the challenges they will face when they enter the workforce.

In addition to the quality education and clinical experiences available at Belgian nursing schools, students also benefit from strong international networks of faculty and staff. Many of these educators have backgrounds in other countries, making Belgium an ideal place for students to explore their interests in additional fields. Overall, Belgian nursing schools provide a comprehensive educational program that meets the needs of international students seeking a career in nursing.

Financial Aid Options

There are a variety of financial aid options available to international students interested in attending nursing schools in Belgium. Some of the most common types of aid include scholarships, grants, and loans.

One of the most common sources of financial aid for nursing students is scholarships. Scholarships are typically awarded based on academic merit or athletic ability. Many nursing schools in Belgium offer scholarship opportunities for international students. It is important to research all available scholarship opportunities as some may be more applicable to your individual situation than others.

Another type of financial aid that is commonly available to international students pursuing nursing degrees is grants. Grants are government funded grants which allow recipients to pay for part or all of their tuition costs. Grants can be a great option for students who do not have enough money saved up to cover the full cost of tuition. Grants can also be advantageous for students who have difficulty obtaining financing in other situations.

One final option available to nursing students is loans. Loans are a type of financial aid that must be repaid with interest. Although loans are not always the best option, they can be an option if you cannot find any other form of financial assistance or if you need to

Living in Belgium while studying Nursing

Nursing schools in Belgium offer international students a great opportunity to learn Dutch and French, as well as to develop their nursing skills. Additionally, Belgian hospitals are often willing to admit international students, which makes it easy to get the necessary experience before starting a nursing career.

Studying in Belgium can be a great way to improve your language abilities, as well as your nursing skills. There are many hospitals in Belgium that are willing to admit international students, so you can get plenty of experience before starting your nursing career.

Application Process

When you are looking for a nursing school in Belgium, it can be a daunting task to process the application process.
First and foremost, the best way to find a Belgian nursing school is to use the accredited website of the Belgian Accreditation Agency for Private Education and Training (ABVV).
Secondly, consider visiting the websites of the different Belgian universities that offer nursing programs.
Thirdly, contact individual nursing schools in Belgium to inquire about their admission requirements.
Fourthly, research various scholarships and financial aid options that may be available to international students.
Fifthly, create a strong portfolio that showcases your skills, interests and achievements as well as your motivation for pursuing a career in nursing.

Tuition and Fees

International Nurses have an array of choices when it comes to completing their education in Belgium. Many schools offer English language classes and/or summer internships in order to familiarize students with Belgian culture and the Dutch language.

The following is a table summarizing the tuition and fees for nursing schools in Belgium according to the type of school. All costs are in euro.

School Type Tuition (€) Fees (€) Total (€)

vocational school 900 990 1,290
university 2,500 2,900 5,400

Nursing schools in Belgium offer students a number of different programs and degrees, making it a great option for international students. Whether you are looking to attend a vocational school or a university dedicated to nursing, Belgian nursing schools have everything you need to get started in the field. Plus, the Belgian healthcare system is considered some of the best in the world, so you will be able to find a position as a nurse quickly after completing your coursework. If you’re interested in studying nursing in Belgium, be sure to check out our selection of nursing schools here!

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