Online Nursing Certification

Online Nursing Certification

Nursing professionals are often faced with challenges that can only be overcome through continuous professional development. However, many nurses don’t have the time for full-time enrollment in nursing schools. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get the education you need outside those programs within shorter periods of time. Online certificates and degrees offer a convenient way to progress your career or enter into a new field by allowing you to take classes at your own pace and from home—all while working as a nurse!

Gain more knowledge with an online learning opportunity.

Online learning is more than just an opportunity to earn a degree; it’s an opportunity to grow as a professional. If you’ve ever considered pursuing your nursing career further, online learning is the perfect solution for expanding your skills and gaining knowledge without relocating. With online courses, you can:

  • Stay current with new technologies
  • Earn a degree while balancing work and family
  • Earn a degree while traveling

Become certified in pain management, diabetes education and more.

At the end of your studies, you will have a certificate in pain management, diabetes education and more. You can earn this certification online from home or at a distance through our online courses. The courses are taught by licensed nurses who have years of experience in the field. With this certificate, you can work as a nurse in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Explore opportunities in leadership, administration, education and informatics.

The preparation for your career begins with a careful assessment of what it is you want to do, and where your strengths lie. Achieving the educational goals that will allow you to pursue those career paths requires careful planning, hard work and dedication on your part. The following series of courses offers the opportunity for you to gain leadership skills and prepare yourself for advancement in nursing or other healthcare fields:

  • Leadership: Learn how to lead others through coaching, mentoring and managing change within an organization
  • Administration: Develop an understanding of management theories and applications as they relate specifically to healthcare organizations
  • Education: This course provides an introduction into educational leadership roles within a variety of settings – including hospitals, clinics and schools – allowing students interested in pursuing advanced studies (master’s degree) opportunities related to health care administration or education leadership positions
  • Informatics: This course covers basic concepts related to informatics systems used by both manufacturers and health care providers around the world today

More than 50 online course options to choose from that enhance your skills on the job.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your skills on the job, consider an online nursing certificate program. This is a great way to enhance your knowledge in a variety of topics, from advanced patient care to leadership and management.

You can choose from more than 50 online course options that are available through our school partners. These programs are often offered at low prices or even for free—allowing you to get more out of your education without having to worry about high tuition costs or student debt.

Earn your online nursing certificate in as little as 9 months with our accelerated programs.

If you’re ready to begin your accelerated nursing program, it’s important to know how long the program will take. The shortest amount of time you can complete an accelerated program is 9 months. You can do this by completing one of our online associate degree nursing programs and either our RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN pathway. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, you may be eligible for these programs as well—we’ll help determine if this applies to you when applying for admission.

Nurses can continue their professional development through these graduate-level certificates.

The certificate program is designed to help nurses continue their professional development, while also offering the opportunity to gain knowledge in a specific area of nursing. Nurses can choose from several areas of study, including:

  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Leadership and Management
  • Professional Development
  • Quality Improvement/Patient Safety

The online nursing certificate programs at Regis University offer nurses a way to expand their knowledge, hone their skills and advance their career. The ability to learn through technology has never been easier than it is today. Whether you are looking for continuing education credits or want to pursue an advanced degree, these programs allow you to study when it’s convenient for you.

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