Operating Room Nursing Salary

Operating Room Nursing Salary

Operating room nurses are responsible for assisting the surgeon during surgery and ensuring that the patient is safe and comfortable. They make sure instruments are sterile, prepare surgical trays, administer medications, monitor vital signs and body functions during an operation, and deliver post-op care to patients. Operating room nurses have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders during surgery because they must make sure that everything goes smoothly as well as ensure patient safety at all times. Although this may sound like a stressful job, it can also be very rewarding when you know you’ve helped save someone’s life or given them relief by fixing what was wrong with them medically speaking.

An operating room nurse works in the surgical unit of a hospital.

The operating room nurse (also called a surgical nurse) is a registered nurse who works in the surgical unit of a hospital. Operating room nurses are responsible for preparing and maintaining the operating room, assisting surgeons with procedures, monitoring patients during surgery and recovery, administering anesthesia to patients, and providing postoperative care.

They also clean instruments before they go into use again; help control bleeding; assist with transferring patients from their beds or stretchers onto operating tables; apply dressings to wounds after surgery; monitor vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate; assist with administering medications intravenously (IV); provide education regarding medications prior to discharge from the hospital; receive phone calls regarding patient status updates after discharge back home

The median annual salary for OR nurses is $71,730.

The median salary for an OR nurse is $71,730. The median represents the middle value of all salaries, so this means that half of all OR nurses earn more than $71,730 and half earn less. This is a good measure to use when you want to know what the typical OR nurse earns. The mean salary is $66,372 and can be misleading because it’s heavily influenced by outliers—or extremely high values that would be out of place at any other job in your field. It includes extreme outliers (think of someone who works at a hospital where everyone makes $10 million per year), which skews the data and makes it less representative for most other positions in your field.

The mode or most popular number does not work well either: it may have nothing to do with what most people make! For example, if every single person at one hospital made $50 million per year then this would have been their modal salary even though no one else could join that group without taking on new responsibilities or moving away from home (which might not seem worth it). If you’re interested in learning about some other ways we can better describe salaries within certain groups or categories check out our blog post about different kinds of averages!

The highest paying states for OR nurses are Nevada and New Jersey.

The highest paying states for OR nurses are Nevada and New Jersey.

The average salary for an OR nurse in Nevada was $99,000 while the average salary in New Jersey was $95,000.

California, Texas and New York were also among the top five highest paying states for OR nurses with average annual salaries of $87,000, $84,000 and $83,000 respectively.

Other high-paying states included Illinois ($80k), Pennsylvania ($76k) and Washington ($75k).

There are about 115,000 operating room nurses in the United States.

You might not realize it, but operating room nurses are a huge part of the U.S. healthcare system. There are about 115,000 operating room nurses in the United States—that’s almost 1% of all licensed nurses.

  • Compared to other countries: The United States has more OR nurses per capita than any other country on Earth (including Japan). However, some European countries have higher concentrations of physicians or anesthesiologists relative to population size than we do here in America; this means there may be fewer patient-care technicians and support staff per surgeon over there!
  • Compared to other professions: Operating room nursing is one of the most common jobs for people with bachelor’s degrees or higher education levels under their belts; nearly 66% of American ORs hold at least a bachelor’s degree while just 23% have only a high school diploma or less education experience under their belts!
  • Compared to industries: Healthcare as an industry employs nearly 8% more people nationwide than do government agencies like public schools/colleges/universities combined…and yet healthcare jobs still pay significantly less money per hour worked than those working on Capitol Hill! So why would anyone choose to become an orthopedist rather than serving Congress when they can earn more money doing both? Because orthopedic surgeons are paid more partly due to supply-and-demand factors related directly back down again into which cities provide them best access towards setting up private practices where they could charge $2K-$5K per visit plus overhead costs while still having plenty left over after paying themselves each month.”

An operating room nurse can make a handsome salary but it requires patience and expertise.

The operating room nurse is a highly specialized professional. The job requires a lot of training, patience, expertise and experience. It’s also very stressful because it’s not just the patient that you have to worry about but also the doctors who are working on them. You have to be able to deal with all of these things without getting flustered or panicking which can happen easily when you’re working in such a high-stress environment.

Nursing is a rewarding career, with high demand and excellent pay. Operating room nurses earn an average of $71,730 annually and can even make as much as $100,000 or more depending on their location and experience level. While there are many factors that affect your salary such as location and experience level, it’s important to know that you’ll always be in demand because of how in-demand these types of positions are throughout the country.

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