Research Statement In Nursing

Research Statement In Nursing

A research statement is a short, but detailed description of the question your study seeks to answer. The purpose of the research statement is to describe the context for the research question and provide evidence that it is relevant and important.

Theoretical basis for research question

Theoretical basis of research question

The theoretical basis of your research question is a set of interrelated concepts that explain a phenomenon or provide context for the study. The theory provides the basis for research questions, hypothesis and design. This section should include information on how the theory was developed; what are its limitations, strengths and weaknesses; and how it relates to other theories and frameworks in nursing/medicine/other disciplines. You should also indicate how you will use this information as a framework in doing your research.

Relevance to the field of nursing

In order to answer the research question, you must first identify the population and setting for your study. You must also determine whether your research design is descriptive, exploratory, or hypothesis-testing.

A descriptive study is one that provides a general overview of a phenomenon in order to better understand it; this type of research does not set out to prove or disprove any hypotheses about cause and effect. An exploratory study can be used when there are no previous studies investigating a particular research question in order to establish what questions need answers before more complex studies can be designed or conducted. A hypothesis-testing design is used when researchers wish to determine if there is correlation between two variables (e.g., alcohol consumption and mortality).

When you are writing your research statement, it is important to provide a summary of the literature. This can be done in two ways:

  • A quick summary of the most important findings and conclusions from each article. This should include only a few sentences for each article, but it should cover all major points that were made in that particular paper.
  • A more thorough description of what was found in each study, including any limitations and weaknesses as well as strengths.

How the research was conducted

The purpose of this research was to determine whether or not patients receiving care from nurses who had more than 18 years of experience would have more positive outcomes than those who received care from nurses with fewer years of experience.

Participants were randomly selected from two different hospitals in the same city, one urban and one suburban. Each hospital had its own nursing staff, so participants were chosen at random from both facilities. In total there were 69 participants; 35 males and 34 females. They ranged in age from 21 to 84 years old with an average age of 46 years old for males and 44 for females; this difference was statistically significant (p < .05).

Contributions to nursing theory and practice

The research findings from this study will contribute to nursing theory and practice in the following ways:

  • The research findings will be used to improve nursing practice by applying findings of this study in clinical settings. Nursing management can use evidence-based practices as a basis for their decisions regarding patient care.
  • The research findings will be used to improve nursing education by providing a venue for students and faculty to learn about new concepts, theories and methodologies related to health disparities among ethnic minorities.
  • The research findings will be used to improve health policy by studying the role of minority groups in health care delivery systems at both local and national levels.

A good research statement is clear, detailed and relevant.

A research statement is a paragraph that clearly, concisely and persuasively explains the need for your research. It should also answer specific questions about what you plan to do in your study and why you chose it.

As a nurse, you’ll encounter many different types of research statements. But essentially, they all have the same purpose: to convince someone (usually an official or peer reviewer) that your work has value and deserves funding or approval from outside sources. This means that writing a good one depends on three things: 1) knowing exactly what kind of statement you are writing; 2) understanding the purpose behind each type; 3) developing an effective organizational structure for each type’s content

The purpose of a research statement is to provide an overview of what you plan to do in your study. It should be clear, detailed and relevant. It should also explain how the research was conducted and what contributions it makes to nursing theory and practice.

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