Sonoma State University Acceptance Rate

Looking to improve your admission chances and get accepted to Sonoma State University? Be sure to read this article, which includes important information on the school’s acceptance rate and other key factors you should consider.

Sonoma State University acceptance rate

Sonoma State University’s acceptance rate for fall 2016 is 40.3 percent. This is slightly lower than the university’s acceptance rate of 40.7 percent for fall 2015.

The university’s admission officers review applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Sonoma State typically enrolls about 2,000 students annually, and admits about 1,000 students. About half of all applicants are admitted.

Some factors that may contribute to the lower acceptance rate this year include California’s continuing budget crisis and the nationwide trend of students applying to more selective universities. However, Sonoma State officials say the admissions process remains rigorous and assures applicants that they will have an opportunity to be a part of the campus community.

What is the Sonoma State University acceptance rate?

Sonoma State University has an acceptance rate of 62%. This is lower than the national average of 75%. However, Sonoma State University is still a good option for students who are looking for a good fit for their academic needs.

How many students were accepted to Sonoma State University?

Sonoma State University received 5,178 applications for the class of 2020. Out of these, 3,414 were accepted, which is a rate of 63%.

What are the requirements for admission to Sonoma State University?

To be eligible for admission to Sonoma State University, you must meet the requirements listed below. Your high school transcript and test scores will be used to determine your admission status.

Admission Requirements:

-High school diploma or equivalent
-Completed A-G courses (or their equivalents)
– SAT or ACT test score of at least 2,400 (math and critical reading sections) or 23 (writing section)
– 1862 cumulative grade point average
– Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended

How many students were accepted to Sonoma State University this year?

Sonoma State University accepted 66% of applicants for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year.

What is the Sonoma State University acceptance rate?

Sonoma State University’s acceptance rate is 29%.

It’s hard to know what to expect when you apply to a college. After all, there are thousands of schools out there and only a select few will accept your application. However, if you’re considering Sonoma State University, don’t worry — the acceptance rate is actually quite low! In fact, just 2% of applicants are admitted each year into the school’s undergraduate program. So if you’ve been dreaming of studying at Sonoma State University, now might be a good time to start applying!

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