Sorbonne University Acceptance Rate

If you’re looking for a top university with a high acceptance rate, you should check out Sorbonne University. The Paris-based institution has an acceptance rate of about 95 percent, which is above the national average and makes it one of the most selective universities in Europe. While this doesn’t mean that all applicants are guaranteed admission, it does mean that you have a good chance if you’re academically qualified. If you’re still undecided about whether or not to apply to Sorbonne University, take a look at our list of reasons why you should consider applying.

What is the Sorbonne University Admission Rate?

Sorbonne University is one of the most prestigious universities in France. It has an acceptance rate of only 8%. This means that only 8 out of 1000 students are accepted to Sorbonne University.

How to apply to Sorbonne University

To apply to Sorbonne University, you will first need to create an account on the school’s website. After logging in, you will need to fill out a general application form and attach your transcripts. You will also be required to take a admissions test, which can be found on the school’s website. The acceptance rate for Sorbonne University is relatively low, so make sure that you are prepared to submit your application with plenty of supporting documentation.

Sorbonne University Admissions Requirements

To be considered for admission to Sorbonne University, you must submit the following application materials:
-Completed online application form
-A writing sample of no more than 1000 words
-Official college transcripts
-Photocopy of your passport or driver’s license
-Payment of the $60 international application fee.

Sorbonne University GPA and SAT/ACT Score Requirements

Sorbonne University accepts applicants with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and an SAT/ACT score of 1100 or higher. The average ACT score for Sorbonne students is 27, and the average SAT score is 1025. Sorbonne also requires applicants to submit letters of recommendation and essays.

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

Sorbonne University is one of the most prestigious universities in France. It offers courses in a wide range of fields, from humanities to sciences. To be accepted into Sorbonne, you need to meet certain requirements.

The minimum GPA for international applicants is 3.5/4.0. You must also submit proof of your English proficiency level with your application, and you may be required to take an entrance exam. Sorbonne also requires you to submit letters of recommendation, and you will need a valid passport or an ID card from your home country.

Sorbonne University is a renowned university known for its high acceptance rates. According to the 2017/2018 admissions statistics, Sorbonne University has an acceptance rate of just under 22%. This makes it one of the most selective universities in France and puts it at the top of our list of best universities for students looking to pursue a degree in French Studies.

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