Top California Nursing Schools

Top California Nursing Schools

Nursing is a profession that can be both rewarding and challenging. In some cases, it’s a full-time job that requires you to work long hours and nights. Other times, you may want to work as a part-time nurse while also going to school or raising children. Whatever your situation, there are many nursing schools in California that offer flexible programs, hands-on learning experiences, and supportive faculty members who will help guide you along the way. Nursing isn’t just about providing quality care—it’s about taking the time to build relationships with patients so they feel comfortable during their hospital stay or recovery at home.

California State University-Los Angeles

CSULA is a public university located in the city of Los Angeles, California. CSULA offers many undergraduate and graduate programs in different areas of study. The school was established in 1947 as Los Angeles State College to serve as a branch campus for the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). It has since grown into one of the most prominent colleges in Southern California, offering students many opportunities for academic growth and development.

CSULA’s nursing program serves over 1,500 students annually who are interested in becoming registered nurses (RNs) or licensed vocational nurses (LVNs). Students can earn their associate degrees or bachelor’s degrees through this program depending on which route they choose to take. In order to be admitted into this program, applicants must meet certain requirements set forth by CSULA such as having completed at least 60 semester credits from an accredited college or university with a GPA greater than 2.5; having earned an ACT composite score between 19-23; passing four core courses prior to entry into the School of Nursing with grades that reflect mastery level skills; completing an application form along with transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended during high school; submitting official transcripts from all previous colleges/universities attended after high school graduation including any transferable credit hours awarded.; passing NCLEX-RN exam within two years before beginning classes (or within five years after graduation); passing immunization screening tests including: rubella titer TiterVax MR

San Jose State University

San Jose State University (SJSU) is a public research university located in San Jose, California. Founded in 1857, it is the founding campus of the California State University (CSU) system and one of only two Bay Area schools to have graduated a Rhodes Scholar.

In addition to its undergraduate programs, SJSU offers master’s degrees through the Jack Baskin School of Engineering and Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering; master’s degrees in education through College of Education; law degrees through McGeorge School of Law; and doctoral degrees through various departments across the university.[5] It also houses many other graduate programs including: interdisciplinary studies; business administration (MBA); medical sciences; nursing practice at Saint Louise Regional Hospital[6], which is accredited by The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education[7]; science & mathematics education at The Institute for STEM Education[8].

California State University-Long Beach

  • CSULB is a public university that offers a nursing program. The school’s nursing program is ranked #1 in California, and it has a student population of over 36,000. CSULB has an 80% graduation rate, which is above average for nursing schools.

University of San Francisco

USF is a private university located in San Francisco. It has a strong nursing program, as well as strong science and business programs. The liberal arts program is also very good, and the law school offers three degrees: JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence), LLM (Master of Laws) and SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science).

California State University-Fresno

California State University-Fresno is a public university in Fresno, California. It was founded in 1911 as a two-year school and became a four-year institution in 1933. The school has almost 20,000 students enrolled with an acceptance rate of 63%. Graduation rates vary by campus but fall between 45% and 50%. Students can expect to pay about $8,000 per year for tuition and fees.

The university is ranked as one of the top 10 master’s universities (larger than 100th) by U.S. News & World Report for its graduate programs in occupational therapy (#4), nursing education (#6), criminology (#7) and psychology (#8). Its undergraduate programs include psychology at number 6 on this list; public administration at #8; sociology at #10; criminal justice at #11; economics/business administration at #12; pharmacy (school of pharmacy) at #13; accounting/finance (school of business) at #14; marketing/advertising/public relations (#15); journalism/mass communication (#16); nursing care delivery systems (school of nursing)(#18); health services administration (#19); human development counseling services  (schoolof social work)(#20).

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California (USC) is an excellent option for students who have a passion for nursing. Located in Los Angeles, the school offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing. USC has a student population of about 34,000, making it one the largest colleges in California.

USC has several research centers that specialize in specific areas such as geriatrics or women’s health. These centers are also involved with community outreach programs and provide healthcare access to underserved communities throughout Los Angeles County.

California State University-Stanislaus

California State University-Stanislaus is a public school located in Turlock, California. The university offers undergraduate degrees in both traditional and online formats.

CSU Stanislaus is part of the 23-campus California State University system, which was founded in 1965 as a result of Dr. Clark Kerr’s master plan for higher education in the state of California. CSU Stanislaus has an acceptance rate of 81% and admits about 2,000 students each year.

The school offers more than 30 bachelor’s degree programs through its College of Arts & Sciences; Business Administration; Education; Health & Human Development; Social Science Department; Technology Department and many other units on campus. Students can also earn their bachelor’s degree at CSU Stanislaus’ off-site locations throughout California or online through their Extended Learning Program (ELP).

National University

National University is a private, nonprofit institution with over 100 campuses across the United States. The university offers a variety of degree programs and has over 1,000 student organizations.

The university’s main campus is in La Jolla, California. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at this location or at any one of National University’s other satellite campuses around the country.

California State University-East Bay

California State University-East Bay (CSU-East Bay or Cal State East Bay) is a public university in Hayward, California. It was founded as the State College for Alameda County in 1957 and opened its doors to students in 1961. Today, it has an enrollment of over 17,000 students on its 63-acre campus. The university offers more than 170 bachelor’s degree programs and more than 40 master’s degree programs. CSU East Bay also houses two doctoral degree programs: Physical Therapy and Educational Leadership & Policy Studies.

The school is known for its innovative approach to education; specifically its nontraditional learning environment where students learn by doing rather than through traditional lectures or seminars. CSU East Bay provides rich career development opportunities for current students such as internships and job placement assistance after graduation with their Career Development Center that connects alumni with employers throughout California’s Silicon Valley region (Silicon Valley).

Samuel Merritt University

Samuel Merritt University is a private university in Oakland, California. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Samuel Merritt University was founded in 1927 as Samuel Merritt Hospital Training School for Nurses by Dr. Mary Ellen Ikerd when she recognized the need for more nurses to care for the increased number of patients at her hospital. In 1951, she helped establish an affiliation between Samuel Merritt Hospital and Mills College that allowed students to complete their nursing degrees at either institution; this partnership has continued for more than 60 years.

These are the best nursing schools in California.

There are many good nursing schools in California. The following list of nursing schools is a comprehensive guide to some of the best programs available online and on campus.

  • University of Southern California
  • USC School of Nursing offers a Master’s degree in Nursing program with specializations in family nurse practitioner, adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner, neonatal nurse practitioner, psychiatric/mental health clinical nurse specialist or women’s health clinical nurse specialist; baccalaureate degrees include LPN/LVN preparation and RN preparation; certificate programs include diabetes management education course; online options include RN-BS Bridge Program for registered nurses who have earned their associate degree but not yet completed their bachelor’s degree (online)

There are many great nursing schools in California. But these top 10 have been chosen because they stand out as having the right mix of high-quality education, outstanding clinical training and great locations to choose from. They’re all accredited institutions with an excellent reputation among students and employers alike.

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