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College Of The Holy Cross Acceptance Rate

As the college admission season nears its end, many families are looking at colleges and choosing which one to apply to. While the process of choosing a college can be daunting, one statistic that is often looked at is the acceptance rate. What does this number mean and how does it affect your college choice?

College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate

The College of the Holy Cross welcomed a record-breaking 5,000 students in 2018. The acceptance rate for the school was just under 33%. This means that over one third of the college’s applicants were accepted.

This high acceptance rate is a result of Holy Cross’ rigorous standards and its commitment to personalized learning. The school is known for its beautiful campus and active community, which makes it an ideal place to live and learn.

Holy Cross also has a great financial aid package available. For students who are not eligible for federal or state grants, the school offers excellent scholarships and fellowships.

Why choose the College of the Holy Cross?

There are a lot of great reasons to choose the College of the Holy Cross as your college choice. For one, the school is internationally respected, and has been ranked among the best in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, Holy Cross is a highly selective institution, with a very low acceptance rate.

Admissions Requirements

College of the Holy Cross is an excellent choice for students looking to study a liberal arts degree. The school has a very high admissions rate, and the admission requirements are fairly modest. All applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent, and SAT or ACT scores of at least 1300 on the Math section and 1500 on the Critical Reading and Writing sections. The school also requires applicants to submit letters of recommendation and a letter of intent.

Students who are interested in attending College of the Holy Cross should visit the website and fill out the online application. Applicants who are not accepted to College of the Holy Cross may still be eligible for scholarships from other organizations, like the Gates Foundation.

College of the Holy Cross Admissions Requirements

The College of the Holy Cross is a prestigious Catholic institution located in Worcester, Massachusetts. With an acceptance rate of only 10%, the College is considered by many to be one of the most selective colleges in the United States. To be admitted to the College, applicants must have a high school GPA of at least 3.5, a SAT score of at least 1100, and demonstrate strong scholastic aptitude.

Although the College is highly selective, it does not require applicants to have any specific athletic abilities or artistic talents. Instead, the College looks for students with excellent intelligence, leadership ability, and character. In addition to academics, the College considers applicants’ backgrounds and experiences when making decisions about admission.

If you are interested in attending the College of the Holy Cross and meet its admissions requirements, be sure to visit its website for more information. The website has an online application form as well as detailed information about the college’s programs and facilities.

College of the Holy Cross Cost

When students apply to colleges, they often focus on the sticker price. But what about the cost of attendance?

According to, the annual cost of attending Holy Cross is $53,868. That’s a bit more expensive than some other colleges, but it’s not the most expensive in the country.

Holy Cross does have some expensive fees, such as a $1,000 athletics fee and a $10,000 technology fee. But on the whole, the tuition and fees are low when compared to some other colleges.

And if you’re looking for financial aid, you’ll be happy to know that Holy Cross offers generous grants and scholarships. The school awarded $264 million in financial aid in 2014-15, which was more than any other college in America.

College of the Holy Cross Campus

College of the Holy Cross is a prestigious liberal arts college located in Worcester, Massachusetts. It has an acceptance rate of only 16 percent and was ranked #64 out of the top 100 colleges in the United States by Forbes. The college offers a challenging curriculum with a focus on theology and religious studies. Many students choose to attend College of the Holy Cross because of their excellent academics and liberal arts approach.