Resume For Nursing Assistant

Resume For Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants are the vital force behind a healthy and productive nursing department. In order to work in this field, an individual must have compassion, patience and the ability to communicate effectively with patients and their families. The following information will help you understand what is required of nurses’ aides before they can begin working as one themselves:


  • Your resume should include a brief description of yourself and your experience.
  • Your resume should include a brief summary of your skills, qualifications, and professional goals.
  • Your resume should include a brief summary of your work experience, education and/or training, including any continuing education (CNE or other) completed within the last five years that contributes to current nursing assistant practice standards.
  • Your resume should also highlight any volunteer service you’ve performed related to health care and/or community service initiatives in which you have participated.


The skills section of your resume should be the place to list all of your relevant skills. This can include things like:

  • The specific skills required for this role, such as experience with certain software programs or medical equipment.
  • Skills that you have developed over time and want to share with a new employer (and they are relevant). These could include things like leadership abilities, communication abilities, and mentorship/teaching abilities.
  • General skills in areas such as customer service or computer use that are also applicable to the job you are applying for.

Work Experience

  • List your job title
  • List your employer
  • List the start and end dates.
  • List the job duties. This is where you can talk about what you did on a day-to-day basis, including things like patient care, clinical procedures and administrative duties. You can also mention any special projects that you were involved with while at the company. If there were any training programs related to your position, include them here as well.
  • If applicable, list any skills that you gained during this period of time: specific software knowledge (like Microsoft Excel), medical terminology or other areas of expertise that will help demonstrate an understanding of nursing assistantship roles and responsibilities in the healthcare industry


  • Education:
[list your education in reverse chronological order]
  • Name of School, City, State (Year)
  • GPA

Be patient, kind and a good listener.

  • Be patient. You will be dealing with patients who are ill, and sometimes they’ll be frustrated or in pain. It’s important to remember that everyone handles stress differently, so try your best to keep your cool no matter what comes up.
  • Be kind. Nurses are known for being the kindest people on the planet (and for a good reason), so if you can’t bring yourself to be nice all day long, then maybe this career path isn’t right for you—but if that’s not an issue at all, then keep reading!

Becoming a nurse assistant is no easy task. It takes years of education and training, but it’s worth it in the end. You will be helping people every day, which is something we all want to do!

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