Travel Nursing Across America

Travel Nursing Across America

Travel nursing is a great way to see the country, make money and gain valuable work experience. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a travel nurse and how it works.

What is travel nursing?

Travel nursing is a healthcare career where you work in different facilities and cities, moving from one to another throughout your contract. You’re not required to work at any particular facility for more than four weeks, which means travel nurses are able to meet new people and explore new places. For many nurses who travel, it’s an opportunity to see the country in a way that most people don’t get a chance to do.

Travel nursing can be an attractive option for those looking for an interesting job with flexible hours and regular paychecks—but what does it take?

What do travel nurses do?

Travel nurses work at different hospitals in different cities, but they do the same job as local nurses. Travel nursing jobs are available in a variety of specialties and settings, including intensive care units (ICUs), oncology units, emergency rooms and labor and delivery departments.

Travel nurses can also work in different roles—for example, you might be able to help out with patient care or administrative tasks if you are an experienced nurse looking for something new. Some travel assignments also allow you to rotate through several different positions throughout your assignment without changing locations.

If you’re considering becoming a travel nurse across America because it’s your dream job or just looking for something new that doesn’t involve moving across state lines all the time—we’ve got good news! As long as there is demand for qualified medical professionals from local hospitals looking for temporary help from other states (or vice versa), we’ll continue creating opportunities so everyone benefits from this growing industry trend…

Why is travel nursing a good career option?

Travel nursing is a great career option for many reasons, but the main ones are:

  • Flexibility. You can pick and choose where you work and when you work, giving you complete control over your schedule. Whether it’s a new town or city every day or just different shifts at the same hospital every week, travel nurses enjoy choosing their own adventure every step of the way.
  • Opportunity to travel. Traveling is one of life’s greatest adventures—and when there’s an opportunity to do so for work? That’s even better! Travel nurses get paid to see parts of the country (or world) they’ve always wanted to see while making money at the same time!
  • Opportunity to learn new skills. Travel nursing offers more than just opportunities; it gives us opportunities that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to—which means more experience in areas other than our specialty field! For example: if you’re an ER nurse who wants more experience working with children but isn’t able because there aren’t enough pediatric patients at your local hospital, try being a traveling ER nurse! This way, whether it’s now or later down the road when kids become more frequent visitors in your departmental area again somewhere else across America–or even across oceans–you’ll already know exactly how best handle those precious little ones when things get tough (and let’s face it: children are tough).

Who is a good fit for travel nursing?

If you’re a good fit for travel nursing, you’ll have the following qualities:

  • Good communication skills. Nurses who are successful in this field must be able to communicate effectively with people of all backgrounds and cultures. They should also be able to express themselves clearly and eloquently, both orally and in writing.
  • A desire to travel. Travel nurses spend much of their time on the road, which means that they need to enjoy traveling as much as they love nursing. If you’re not interested in seeing new places or meeting new people every day, this job isn’t for you.
  • A sense of adventure (and flexibility). Travel nurses often work in areas where there aren’t many other local healthcare professionals; because of this, they may find themselves alone in emergencies or dealing with difficult patients who require specialized care that only they can provide—with little guidance from other medical professionals available by phone or via text message during off-hours like weekends or evenings when most people are working at home rather than out having fun at restaurants or bars during daytime hours when everyone else is away from work so it’s usually easier for them too talk about their problems then rather than later so if one doesn’t want

What kinds of skills do I need to be a travel nurse?

To be successful as a travel nurse, you need to be willing and able to work independently. You also must be able to follow instructions and work with a team. If your job requires you to stay overnight at the hospital, then you’ll have to deal with stressful situations and stressful people on top of working under pressure. In addition, you may find yourself traveling from place to place for several weeks or even months at a time before returning home.

How much will I earn as a travel nurse?

The average salary for a travel nurse is $51,000, which is the same as the average annual salary of all registered nurses.

However, this number can vary greatly depending on where you work and what specialty you choose to specialize in. For example, according to PayScale data from 2018:

  • The highest-paying states were California ($98K), Massachusetts ($83K), Florida ($80K) and New York ($75K). The lowest paying states included Mississippi ($44K), West Virginia ($43K) and Arkansas (42K).
  • The highest paying specialties were Orthopedic Surgery with an average salary of $170k per year; Cardiology/Heart Surgery at $146k per year; Neurology/Neurosurgery at $124k per year; Psychiatry at $120k per year; Anesthesiology at 110k per year.*The lowest paying specialties were Behavioral Health Care Social Work with an average of 39$k per year; Dental Hygiene at 41$k per year; Occupational Therapy Assistant 46$k per year; Medical Assistant 47$s4million

How do I find assignments as a travel nurse?

The best way to find assignments as a travel nurse is by using an online assignment board. There are many boards that you can use, but the most popular ones include:

  • NursingXpress (, which was founded in 2001 and has over 30,000 registered nurses on its website.
  • Nurses Lounge (, which was founded in 2012 and has over 70,000 registered nurses on its website.
  • Nurses Hub ( is another popular board that also has over 60,000 RNs registered on their platform!

How does recruiting work for travel nurses?

When you’re seeking an assignment, there are many ways to find a job. You can start with the following:

  • Hospitals and agencies (if you have an agent)
  • Online job boards and social media sites
  • Friends and family

If these methods don’t work for you, recruiters might be able to help. When looking for travel assignments, working with a recruiter gives nurses access to more opportunities than if they went it alone. Travel nurse recruiters often have access to long-term positions that aren’t advertised on other websites or in print ads.

Travel nursing can be a great choice for the right people.

Travel nursing is a great choice for the right people. If you love to travel, it can be a fantastic way to see new places and meet new people as you work. Travel nursing also offers more flexibility than traditional nursing jobs, since you can choose where you want to go and how long you’ll stay there. If you’re someone who enjoys working with a variety of patients, travel nursing offers that as well! As long as your skills are up to par with what’s required in each location, every day will offer an exciting challenge that keeps things interesting and exciting on the job.

Traveling across America isn’t just fun—it’s also lucrative! With some good planning ahead of time and some savvy shopping around when looking for gigs (not all companies offer similar benefits), there’s a lot of money waiting out there just waiting for someone like yourself!

In today’s world, travel nursing is an increasingly popular career option. Travel nurses can make a great living, and they often have the opportunity to see new places while they work. This makes it perfect for people who want to experience life on the road while earning money at the same time.

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